Motherhood Maternity Haul 27 Weeks Pregnant.


hi guys my name is Arielle if you’re new

here welcome if you’re returning it’s

always a pleasure I’m so glad to have

every one of you on this amazing journey

with me today is a very exciting video

because I spoiled myself I also spoiled

my kiddos I have some not some I have a

hundred dollars worth of baby clothes

over there as well as I got my son a

pair of pants pajamas and socks that he

needed Caspian and then I got a lot of

newborn stuff and I didn’t get any other

things but newborn things so I will do


probably in a separate haul but I am

doing a Motherhood Maternity haul and if

this is your first time tuning into any

one of my videos I’m 27 weeks pregnant

next Monday I’ll hit my third trimester

which is crazy it’s going by so fast

like I I just can’t it’s just insane but

anyways so I spoiled myself today

and I’m going to show you guys

everything I got okay guys so here’s the

three bags that I got from other hood

Maternity today and then I got a winter

jacket over there that I got author

website for a great deal on I think I

got it like two weeks ago it could be

worn a couple different ways so I’m so

excited about that so yeah I’m gonna

start unpacking everything to show you

guys I will be telling you the prices of

everything that I got today as well I

did spend a lot of money but they did

have a deal going on in the store I went

to the crossings and they had four on

most of their things on in their store

they had buy one get one 50% off with

some exclusions like underwear and tank

tops and stuff like that but for the

main bulk items they did have brown get

150 so I did save a lot of money at the

register wash it all come off I see it

about $100 but

spent so much money but I’m pregnant and

every pregnant woman out there deserves

to spoil themselves especially if it

makes you more comfortable okay so let’s

start off the pants I don’t know I said

an order but I don’t know actually gonna

doing that order

pregnancy brain pants shirts pajamas

okay anyway so here are some black

leggings that I got sorry they’re all

full of fuzz and it’s because one of my

items in super fuzzy but they have the

band up here and then they have these

pockets in the back which are real and

the pockets on the front are fake they

are not real and these say that they are

2998 but on the receipt it did it a

little weird so I got two pairs of these

black leggings in a medium yeah a medium

and they were originally 2998 but it

took $7.49 and seven dollars and fifty

cents off of each pair so they went down

to 20 to 49

so I guess instead of like making one

actually 50 percent off they just lower

the price of both by taking some money

off of each which is weird but whatever

it’s fine with me I could just tell you

the discounted price I paid for them

then makes everything look like you is

on discount then and that’s not true


so yes I got these jeans they have the

little detail of the rips in there and

then um this pair does have a nude band

for the belly and I got these in the

medium as well and these have the cutest

detail on the pockets the back pockets

again are real the front pockets are not

except for this little tiny one what am

I going to put in there a corner

I don’t know but these fit really well

and I can’t wait to show you what they

look like on their great length I just

hope that with these pants that they do

not shrink up to the ankles I’m sorry

being pregnant I’m so out of breath okay

so these jeans were originally listed at

3498 and I got them for 26 24 took 8

dollars and 74 cents off and then I got

this other pair of darker jeans because

I always like to have one light pair and

one dark pair of jeans depending on the

type of shirt that I’m wearing so it’s

good to have variety in my closet so

this is the band the band is fully

around this one it’s a navy blue this is

the back again the pockets in the back

are real and I got these in a medium as

well and fun

okay the pockets aren’t real here but

this little tiny pocket I don’t even

think a quarter would fit in there like

that’s how deep it is it’s so

unnecessary but anyways I actually

didn’t try these on in the story tried

the light ones on and then so I just

hope these fit but they’re the same type

of pant so they should fit the same way

the other ones do okay that is it for

the pants here’s a random thing that I

did get it costs $2.99 for a two-year

subscription of it says parents

subscription so it’s like four different

magazines and I went ahead and I

purchased that for $2.99

so I’ll get a variety every month I’ll

get a new magazine and variety so I got

one today and it came with this it came

with a couple gifts so it came with like

coupon things

and actually I’ve no idea what’s in here

I’m just looking at all this because

this all this was in the same bag with

my pants so I’m just gonna emptying the

bag out okay so they gave me a little

free bottle which is probably more than

$2.99 already by itself so why not and

then whoa is a plethora pull up rough


baby aquaphor sample Shutterfly coupon

one waterway ok that is it for the gifts

I guess that came was getting that

subscription and then also in this bag

because I spent over $75 well duh I got

this super cute tote says tis the season

to be pregnant

and then it has their logo on the bottom

but I think that is so cute I don’t know

why I would use this for but I do love

it it’ll be like a little keepsake like

hey I had this since you were in my

belly so cute ok so is everything in

that bag

alright now let’s move on to shirts and

sweatshirts oh and I got underwears

ok so I got these shirts I mean these I

got these underwear um they were so I

got these postpartum underwear then I

wish I knew were thing and when I had a

caspian because um actually have a baby

your belly’s kind of like jello and I

just remember feeling like so loose and


I remember my boyfriend said something

funny and I was laughing and my belly

was literally like jiggling like jello

and it was really like it grossed me out

but I mean we laugh even more it was

just a weird sensation so this time

around I’m going to be tight and I’m

going to feel together and like I’m in

one piece so these are will be great

they’re high-waisted to go over your

belly to keep everything in place I

really wish I knew about these but for

these two pairs they were 1998 so I will

be packing those in my hospital bag and

then for now and probably for after I

have gotten these underwear these didn’t

have both these ones were really

expensive they didn’t have any type of

sale on that unfortunately all these

underwears that I got they’re like they

have like a high waisted band on them

they were seven for $28 so I’m sorry the

lighting keep is getting weird though

what the Sun wants to come in and out my

light bomb keeps going in and out but I

just really wanted to do this video so I

got a bunch of these I just got they

didn’t really have like a lot of like

colors but I also like that these are I

got the wrong medium they’re 95% cotton

and that’s supposed to be really good

for your vagina to like let your vagina

breathe and stuff so I really like those

I just got going through every single

piece underwear there’s just like plain

basic underwear once that I put I won’t

care like you know I’d leave through or

whatever after I have the baby but I’m

totally writing them like now – alright

and each of those came out to $4 each

their original price individually with

750 so I save three excuse me I save

three dollars and fifty cents on each of

those underwears alright now for the

shirts I got honey come sleep okay

so I got this super cute sweater again I

hope I said this or I’m saying again

like I said this I don’t know if I said

this but like the pants the leggings the

jeans the shirts like everything that I

got pretty much I’m definitely wearing

after the baby comes

even though they’re maternity clothes

because they look like regular clothes

and the jeans are so comfortable that

like why not just continue to wear them

I paid for them so this I got a medium I

love love love the color probably ready

with the light jeans and then look

detail it is so stinking cute the bottom

and this I got four it says it was

originally 49.9 ta tanned they got it

for 37 49 so that I saved a lot of money

on and since I will be pregnant until

February 3rd I figured it’d be great to

get things that will keep me warm

especially if you go to like a Christmas

tree lighting or go to pick out our

Christmas tree and stuff it’s like great

to have things until we’re underneath my

jacket they’ll keep me super warm okay

so then I got this super cute look at

that shirt so it ties around above the

belly obviously or on the belly I forget

I tried it on I think your ties around a

book the belly and then it’s like flowy

at the bottom and yes it’s see-through

but I got this cami to go with it now I

come here this before and after the baby

comes because it’s a nursing cami and it

just unclips

and you pull it down feed your baby put

it back up and again not again but my

pajamas that I got like this my pajamas

that I got like this have a cami insert

as well I don’t know how well you can

see that

so you don’t have to wear a bra you can

just you just stick your pads in there

your boobie pads so the cami

I think the cami stays $15 there was no

sale on that okay yes the cami was $15

and this sweater says that it was it was

originally 44 98 and I got it for $35

and 14 cents so I saved about 10 bucks

on this just a little under $10 so a lot

of these serve multiple purposes so

here’s a long-sleeve black lift up T or

they call it t but it’s a long sleeve

tee and it was 2998 and I got it for 20

to 48 so I save seven dollars and 50

cents on it so I can wear this before

and after the baby comes

I got a plain black one because I also

have a lot of like cardigans that I can

wear over top of a plain color so I did

the same thing with a tank top as well I

can wear that under a lot of things and

it’ll be super easy again something else

that I wish I knew about when Caspian

was born because it was always a

struggle like for a shirt like this to

like lift it up and like be hiding or

like lifting like stretching my tops

down and stuff like that so I just

really wish I knew that this was the

thing because I did not um in definitely

Tom second time mom getting stuff that

want to make my life easier and I hope

if you’re a first-time mom has helped

you because oh my gosh it was a struggle

alright so here’s another one just in a

different color again this one was

yep Oh yep 2998 and then I got it for 20

to 48 okay and that is it for the shirts

so I definitely definitely spoil myself

already I have a whole like new wardrobe

so this is my favorite one you guys all

right oh my gosh you can already see it

so this is a robe it has a hood on it

first of all what oh my god I love it

okay so it’s that a hood and it’s got

the type thing obviously next man apart

it’s got pockets guys it’s got pockets

oh my gosh it’s a fluffiest thing like

I’m definitely bringing this to the

hospital it’s gonna take up a lot of

space my bag but it’ll be so worth it I

mean bbr in here cuddling so soft and oh

my gosh warm I can’t wait I’m getting so

excited so oh yeah this is the detail on

the sleeves cutest thing ever they only

have this color being that I have two

kids I pray and I am a mess myself when

I eat I probably was not a darker color

but being that that that’s the only

color and I think it’s so super cute

anyway it’s probably gonna get messy for

sure but it’s a and that it’s literally

on the receipt it says rope fuzzy cloud

that is the perfect description for it

it said it was 34 98 and I got it for

27:33 so I saved seven dollars and

sixty-five cents on it and then I got

another pair of pajamas I already have a

pair of pajamas but being that well I

hope Caspian was a spitter upper like

all the time like he was constantly like

throwing up a little bit after every

feeding not like extensively but like

there was always spit up like always

so I hope this baby’s different I did

realize with Caspian that it was because

I was drinking dairy and eating dairy so

once I cut that my daddy got better but

he was literally soaking everything so

like yes I already have one pair of

pajamas but I feel like having a second

pair I can have one in the wash and just

have them in rotation the other pair of

pajamas I have is like a button-up grey

outfit it’s long-sleeve and it’s got the

matching pants and they’re soft fuzzy

so I’ll probably bring those to the

hospital only because they’re pants and

I’ll feel more comfortable and then this

is a nightgown and I can wear this now


it fits but again it’s got the the snaps

yeah the snaps for easy breastfeeding

and like I said when I was showing you

my black cami this also has a cami like

inside to it so you don’t really need a

bra you store your nursing pads in there

and make life super easy but I thought

this was so cute it’s got like the pink

lace detail and then it came with a robe

that matches isn’t that so cute so it’s

long-sleeve and then it’s got the pink

on the bottom the pink lace to match and

the thing that I love about this you

guys is its stitched on the back and the

string itself so I won’t lose it I have

a string that goes to my jacket and it

has come off already and it’s just

sitting in my purse so that’s in my car

so I won’t even be able to show you that

today but this is my jacket that I got

first of all super cute I got online it

was originally 150 dollars and I got it

for 90 because I had a coupon code and

they were having a sale so low so the

thing I liked about this is it has this

insert right here that comes out and

goes back in so you wear it when your

belly’s big and then you can take it out

when you don’t need it anymore it’s a

regular jacket or me being that it’s

February that I’m getting birth I can

keep it on but all you do is you flip

this triangle insert the other way so

the big part is at the top so you can

snuggle baby in there with you if you

got like a carry-on

you can put your baby in the carry-on

and then wrap your jacket around the

both of you and zip it up I thought that

was so cute and then it’s got these

sleeves that like look at that so it’s

like in there like you’re not getting

any type of wind to drift up in the

sleeves which is also awesome it has

pockets on the inside it’s a pocket on

the inside two pockets on the outside I

think it only has the montauk on the

inside yeah so that is my haul I was

going to try everything on but being

that this video was already 19 minutes

long I’m gonna have to probably cut it

down shorter and yeah it’s already super

long so I’m not going to try any of this

on in this video if you want to see me

try this stuff on comment below and I

will put up like a five minute video of

me just like showing how everything fits

but only if you want to see it I’ll post

it but let me know in the comments below

don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my

channel so you can follow me on this

journey and so that you don’t miss out

on the birth of her baby also I’m going

to be doing a baby haul closer to the

end of my pregnancy once we’ve pretty

much got everything and

yeah that is all that I have for you

guys today so I hope you enjoyed this

video and again let me know in the

comments below if you want to sing you

try that alone okay

bye guys.


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